Administrator's Hangout




     I believe that in order to be an effective leader I must create partnerships with the community, the school, the teachers, parents, and most of all the students. I will help both teachers and students with digital support and implementation. I will help establish a safe learning environment that combines learning objectives and blended learning with creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, character, and citizenship so students and teachers will flourish in and out of school.

    Our staff truly believes that ALL students have the ability to learn and it is our mission to find the best way for our students to be successful. We are a community that works together to provide a safe secure and fun learning environment.


    Our school and the district believe that if you can capture a child’s heart you can then capture their mind to learn.  Capturing Kids Hearts is a school-wide initiative that we are working on together to love and care for both children and adults.


    Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) is another school-wide initiative that we are working on to help provide positive feedback and assistance to everyone on the school campus through school-wide expectations.


    Bring your Awesome!

    Santiago Meza

    Principal, Rosamond Elementary School

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