WES Directory

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    First Name Last Name Title Location Email Phone Ext Fax
    Aida Alberto 3rd Grade WES AAlberto 661-256-5030
    Breanna Anderson Paraeducator, SPED 1:1 WES BAnderson 661-256-5030
    Martha Bermea Paraeducator, Classroom WES MBermea 661-256-5030
    Melissa Bidinger Paraeducator, SPED WES MBidinger 661-256-5030
    Shawn Bragg 4th Grade WES SBragg 661-256-5030
    Tracy Bragg 5th Grade WES TBragg 661-256-5030
    Kayla Brewer 4th Grade WES KBrewer 661-256-5030
    Cynthia Briseno ASES Instructor WES CBriseno 661-256-5030
    Roseanna Brown Paraeducator, SPED WES RBrown 661-256-5030
    Bobbie Buetow Kindergarten WES BBuetow 661-256-5030
    Gloria Chavez SDC Mild/Mod WES GChavez 661-256-5030
    Pamela Childers Campus Supervisor WES PChilders 661-256-5030
    Gailyn Cohen 1st Grade WES GCohen 661-256-5030
    Shawn Coleman Information Systems Technician WES SColeman 661-256-5030
    Genevieve Collins Kindergarten WES GCollins 661-256-5030
    Natalia Compton 5th Grade WES NCompton 661-256-5030
    Christine Dorman 1st Grade WES CDorman 661-256-5030
    Chelsea Dyas Paraeducator, SPED WES CDyas 661-256-5030
    Rebecca Eubanks 1st Grade WES REubanks 661-256-5030
    Tammy Farmer 5th Grade WES TFarmer 661-256-5030
    Francisca Fletcher Food Service Worker WES FFletcher 661-256-5030
    Kelly Folck ASES Instructor WES KFolck 661-256-5030
    Christopher Fortson Paraeducator, SPED 1:1 WES CFortson 661-256-5030
    Heather Fortson ASES Instructor WES HFortson 661-256-5030
    Roberta Garrett ASES Instructor WES RGarrett 661-256-5030