Head Coach: Charles Wallis




    2021 Baseball Schedule


    Congratulations RHSECC Varsity Baseball 2017 Undefeated HDL Champions!
    RHS Baseball exists to support the mission and vision and CORE Values of SKUSD and RHSECC:

    Vision Statement: Southern Kern Unified School District will offer a quality education, by providing the basis for students to be moral, ethical, responsible, and compassionate people, becoming critical thinkers who seek knowledge and possess technological proficiency and collaborative skills. Our student will become self-motivated and involved citizens of the future.

    Mission Statement: To provide our diverse student body with the best education possible and to instill in them a passion for life-long learning in partnership with our parents and our community.

    CORE VALUES: H.E.A.R.T.S. (Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Transparency, Safety)

    Student first, athlete second - Minimum 2.0 to play and No F's during the previous grading period

    Current Physical Exam required for practice and playing

    ·        Compete at a high level for league and CIF Championships:  RHSECC Baseball has a strong tradition of championships (CIF, multiple league titles) – we expect to compete for championships every year.
    ·        Excellent Baseball – We respect the game of baseball by playing a high level of baseball.  Sloppiness, laziness, or carelessness is not tolerated.  Run on the field at all times.
    ·        Team First – Baseball is a team sport.  No individual is more important than the team. Any player who puts themselves ahead of the team will not participate.
    ·        Next Level – RHS Baseball will promote and assist players in playing at the next level in college to continue the pursuit of excellent education.
    ·        Hard Work – we will work hard at everything we do, including field maintenance and care of equipment.
    ·        Safety – at no time will unsafe activities be acceptable, proper equipment must be worn at all times.
    ·        Cussing is not acceptable at any time. 

    Monday  Thursday 2:45 – 4:15 PM October 6 – November 20 (players in other sports are excused from Fall workouts)

    Equipment:  All players need a glove, hat, shirt, gray baseball pants, metal cleats, protective cup, socks, long sleeves, jacket, and belt at every practice.  Colors should be red, black, or white.  Running shoes should be brought to every workout.  Players should bring water to every workout.  At no time will players be without a shirt.  Sunflower seeds are not permitted at any time.

    Three Strikes: Any player who has three discipline issues in school or baseball will be dismissed from the team.

    Contract:  Every player and parent will sign a player contract prior to the season.

    Players 9th-11th grade may play Junior Varsity at any time.  If you are not comfortable playing JV baseball, do not play baseball at RHSECC.   There are no guaranteed playing times in High School.

    Tryouts will be held in January 2018.

    Communication with parents, family, or fans is not permitted during games.

    Baseball is a sport, a game. 
    We will work hard, play the game well, win with class, and learn from losing, building relationships and strong character that will carry over into the rest of life, having fun along the way.