About the CELDT

  • The California English Language Development Test (CELDT) is given as an initial assessment to newly enrolled students whose primary language is not English and as an annual assessment to English learners enrolled in transitional kindergarten through grade twelve in California public schools.



    The CELDT has three purposes:

    1.  To identify students who are limited English proficient

    2.  To determine the level of English language proficiency of students who are limited English proficient

    3.  To assess the progress of limited English proficient students in acquiring the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing English


    The CELDT Test will be given at the beginning of each school year. Parents will receive a copy of the students test scores in the mail. Your student will be evaluated each year to see if they meet the criteria level to be reclassified from Limited English Proficient (LEP) to Fluent English Proficient (FEP). In order to be reclassified the student must receive and overall score of early advanced or advanced on the CELDT test in all areas and have a C or higher in Reading and Writing on their most current report cards. You will be notified by mail if your student will no longer need to take the CELDT Test.



    Please see the California Department of Education CELDT Web page to learn more about the CELDT Program





    Cindy Marson

    Coordinator of Assessment and Special Programs

    661-256-5000 ext. 1204

    661-256-1247 fax for CELDT Requests