• RHS Valedictorians

    Posted by Becky Wallis at 5/31/2017

    RHS Valedictorians RHS Valedictorians

    Rosamond High School Valedictorians visit Westpark Elementary and Rosamond Elementary.  Elementary students were very excited to see their peers and a glimpse of what their future could look like.

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  • AV Hospital NICU

    Posted by Becky Wallis at 5/24/2017

    AV Hospital NICU AV Hospital NICU

    Alyssa Finch met with RHS alumna Lacy DuMond (Class of 2000) on May 23rd. Lacy is a NICU nurse at AV Hospital's Women and Infants Pavilion. They had lunch to talk about nursing school and working as a NICU nurse. Lacy also arranged for a tour of the NICU. Pictured are Lacy and Alyssa doing the required three-minute scrub up to the elbows, and also in one of the NIC rooms in front of an isolette unit.

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  • AVID

    Posted by Becky Wallis at 5/15/2017


    Ms. Greenberg's AVID 10th grade class poses in front of the new mural at RHS showing that they are "Fearless" and ready to take on 11th grade next year and continue to make strides toward attending a four year university.

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  • Stage Tech and Drama

    Posted by Becky Wallis at 5/4/2017

    Stage Tech and Drama students

    Stage Tech and Drama students held a round table discussion/workshop with personnel from the Lancaster Performing Arts Center (LPAC).  LPAC workers discussed production and acting issues as well as film/television work as Screen Actors Guild members and experiences as members of film crews.    

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  • Robotics Regional Competition

    Posted by Becky Wallis at 5/2/2017

    First Robotics Regional Competition

    Robotics went to First Robotics Regional Competition in Las Vegas – The students competed well and it was a great experience for all involved.  They collaborated with other local schools on all robot builds and repair techniques.  Team placed the best in the AV.

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  • Ag Career Expo

    Posted by Becky Wallis at 5/2/2017

    AG Career Expo

    Agriscience classes sent 18 students to the AG Career Expo in Tulare.  Students had time to question over 40 vendors from the agricultural landscape and investigate possible career opportunities.  They practiced interview and questioning skills.

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  • 412th Maintenance Group on Edwards AFB.

    Posted by Becky Wallis at 5/2/2017

    Edwards Airframe Tour

    Airframe manufacturing visited the 412th Maintenance Group on Edwards AFB.  Students toured the special instrumentation, welding, sheet metal, and munitions areas.  They got to see the CNC machine, water cutter machine and plastic etcher in operation and learn capabilities.  Team also visited the Flight Test museum and received a tour.

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  • Virtual Simulator

    Posted by Becky Wallis at 4/20/2017

    Virtual Simulator Virtual Simulator Virtual Simulator

    A simple example has come to RHS on what will be the future of education.

    Soon you will see a fuselage of an aircraft or airbus here at the Early College Campus-where approx 15 virtual computers will be inside for classrooms to utilize and visit places on the is earth for any lesson or for that matter out of this world as well.  All from our wonderful AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING PATHWAY

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  • Hyundai - Kia Motors California Proving Grounds

    Posted by Becky Wallis at 3/30/2017

    Hyundai - Kia Motors California Proving Grounds

    Mr. Riley's Auto Shop Class had the opportunity to visit the Hyundai -Kia Motors California Proving Grounds.

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  • Kern County Superintendent visit

    Posted by Becky Wallis at 3/30/2017

    Kern County Superintendent visit

    We had the privilege of hosting Dr. Mary Barlow, Kern County Superintendent on March 15, 2017.  The purpose of the visit is to provide a snap shot of Dual enrollment and CTE programs.   We showcased the great things students are doing in their NPDL groups, CTE classes and Dual Enrollment College Classes!  The guest below are:  Heather Richter and Jason Hodgson from the Kern County Superintendent Office.

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