• Camp KEEP 2018-2019 
    -Camp KEEP is scheduled for January 14-18, 2019 at Ocean, YAY!
    -The cost will be $375. We will of course do as much fund raising as possible, we can really use assistance with this part. More information will go out, as the new school year approaches.
    -We will be needing counselors, so if you are an interested parent volunteer please email catkinson@skusd.k12.ca.us
    -Mrs. Kim Gomez, our committed parent volunteer is with us again as a full member of the Camp KEEP team, her contact information , kim.gomez@live.com 
    Thank you for your support of this wonderful opportunity for our students. 
    Carmen Atkinson
    Camp KEEP advisor
    To obtain information regarding Camp Keep for 6th graders please contact Kim Gomez, she can be reached at kim.gomez@live.com  

    Thank you to Recurrent Energy for their generous donation to the Camp KEEP Scholarship Fund. We truly appreciate their support.