• New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

    A Vision for SKUSD Students continues....

     New Pedagogy for Deep Learning (NPDL) connects student learning globally with Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, and the USA. NPDL is a progressive step toward long range deeper learning. Since 2012 leaders laid out a global partnership vision of teaching and learning. In 2013 seven countries and thousands of schools joined the global movement. In 2016 Southern Kern USD accepted the invitation to join and incorporate this advance primary and secondary global movement for our students future.

    Superintendent Jeff Weinstein and NPDL teams attended training in San Francisco to join other public school systems into a global collaborative. The teams will teach other school personnel how to provide an online platform of shared spaces to learn from one another and address common challenges for successful outcomes. All grade levels are incorporated into the NPDL platform. Students learn to think outside traditional guidelines.

    Stay tuned for more....

  •  WES 2/3rd Grade Adventures Under the Sea NPDL Project
     Adventures under the sea more adventures under the sea adventures under the sea part 2
  •  Armstrong/Karr Collaboration
    Mr. Armstrong and Mrs. Karr's NPDL Senior groups working collaboratively to learn how to use Google Classroom to facilitate their NPDL Journalism projects. 
  • WES 4/5th Grade Hydroponics NPDL Project
    Hydroponics  Hydroponics part 2
  • Casa Hogar Sion  
    WES NPDL Casa Hogar Sion Project