The Special Education Department of the Southern Kern Unified School District is the proud participant of the WorkAbility and WIOA programs.  It is through these programs that numerous students and recent graduates have been placed in jobs within the community.  Our students have gained extensive job skills in addition to earning a paycheck.  This opportunity has provided our students with the skills-set and experience needed to independently research and procure a career on their own. Having the opportunity to participate in these programs has better prepared our students for transition to adult life.
    WorkAbility is a California Transition Program that provides high school students, 14-22 years old, who are on a current IEP, with pre-employment skills, paid placement/training opportunities and student follow-up.
    WIOA improves access to education and workforce services for individuals with significant barriers to employment - individuals with disabilities, out-of-school and at-risk youth, and other populations - to help ensure that everyone has an opportunity to get a good job.  Performance measurements will also take into account differences in the populations served to remove any disincentives to serving those who need the most help.