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    WES After School Program News for February: 
    Our ASES Instructors worked together to develop Enrichment Classes, which were started in January. Grade level groups will meet on a Wednesday or Thursday each week. The classes will continue until May, 2019.
    The following is a brief description of enrichment classes:
    • Ms. Fortson’s Kindergarten Class & Ms. Folck’s 2nd grade class will work together as a “Read to Succeed Six Hour Reading Club”. At the end of the Reading Club, student's will receive a Magic Mountain Pass. Some activities that they will do are Reading Buddies, crafts, and other reading activities.
    • Ms.Garrett’s 1st grade class & Ms.Turners 4th grade class will work together on “Space”: A Study of Planets. Some activities they will do are colored handouts to match planets, directed drawing, art activities and games.
    • Ms. Andreatta’s 3rd grade class & Ms. Briseno’s 5th grade class will work together on “Around the World.” to learn about family cultures. Some activities include cooking, fractions, learning about other cultures, and talking about student's own culture. Highlights are games, activities, crafts, and a potluck.


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