• Future Chefs

    Calling all “FUTURE CHEFS” for our Culinary Competition. We’re looking for your favorite SCHOOL Lunch meal - reimagined!

    Five lucky winners from Rosamand Elementary and Westpark Elementary (ten students total) will be chosen as finalists to compete in our contest at Westpark Elementary School on March 14th, 2020. As a bonus, the winner of this event will be entered in a Future Chefs National Competition for some great prizes!

    PICK UP YOUR ENTRY FORM TODAY! They’re available in the Cafeteria and in the Main Office! Turn them in to the Cafeteria or Main Office by December 14.

    Tips to be a Finalist in this Year’s Culinary Competition Have your eye on the prize?  Here are some tips that may help!

    1. Be original - You don’t have to be like everyone else. Consider putting a new twist on your favorite school lunch meal.
    2. Be creative - A student once submitted a recipe for “dill cookies!” Sounds terrible, but they were actually great! Don’t TRY to be too weird, but we love to see recipes that are different!
    3. Don’t do recipes that are too easy or too complicated.
    4. This doesn’t have to be your own, original recipe. You can get them off the Internet or anywhere but try to alter it slightly to make it your own!
    5. SORRY, only ONE person can make each recipe at the competition.
    6. We are looking for Your Favorite School Lunch Meal - Reimagined, so try to avoid recipes with a lot of sugar or fat in them.

    At the main competition, judges will consider the following 7 criteria:

    • Taste
    • Originality
    • Ease of Preparation
    • Healthy Attributes
    • Kid Appeal
    • Plate Presentation
    • Student Chef Presentation to Judges

    Helpful Hint: When you present your recipe, include your name, the title of your recipe, a description of how you made your recipe flavorful, how you made it healthier, and any steps you may have taken to minimize food waste.

    The use of one or more of the following ingredients will earn up to 3 bonus points:

    1. Plant Based Proteins (Examples: crumbles, burgers, nuggets)
    2. Fish
    3. Leafy Greens (Examples: kale, mustard, collard, swiss chard)
    4. Dried Fruit
    5. Sweet Potato


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