Cadet Corps


    The California Cadet Corps (CACC) began in 1911.  Cadet Corps provides applied leadership opportunities for students. Leadership is taught by learning theory, conducting leadership case studies, and most importantly, providing many applied leadership opportunities in what is called the “leadership laboratory,” Cadet Corps also offers many opportunities off campus, such as summer training, field trips, parades, and community events.  The California Cadet Corps motto is “ESSAYONS” – a French word meaning, “Let Us Try.”  It goes to the heart of the Cadet Corps’ applied leadership concept.  Our cadets learn, mature, and develop by leading. 

    The California Cadet Corps program is offered through school, as part of the total school mission and curriculum.  The California Cadet Corps class can be taken as an elective, or, as an alternative for physical education.  The value of the Cadet Corps is reflected in its long history, successful graduates, and continued support from the Governor, the California Legislature, the California National Guard, educators and civic leaders throughout California.  CACC offers many resources and opportunities for cadets and school programs.  More information can be found at

    Cadet Corps works because we do more than talk and study leadership theory.  We put leadership principles into practice every day in school and in our community.  Cadet Corps works because we have seen many Cadets become outstanding leaders.  Here is one of many examples:

    “This program has made an impact on me.  Before Cadet Corps, I was really mean and shy.  But with your help, I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things I’d never thought I’d do.  I’ve been respectful, I’ve changed my whole attitude.  The program has helped me build up my confidence.  You’ve inspired me to be a LEADER!  ESSAYONS!  Let us Try!” Cadet J.R.

    If you would like more information about Rosamond High School Cadet Corps, please contact the school office or Captain Charles Wallis at

    You can learn more about the Cadet Corps from the We Are We music video.


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