o   Bus Passes

    Southern Kern Unified School District requires all students who are eligible to ride the school bus to possess a bus pass, this includes the after-school program, academy, and summer session programs. An application must be filled out by the parent or guardian with the current address on file in Aeries. Bus pass applications and photos are done at the district office, at Educational Services.

    ·   Upon loading the bus, students must have their bus pass out and visible to the driver.

    ·   A bus pass is required to board the bus at the bus stop and at the school.

    ·   If a student does not have their bus pass, they may be denied transportation.

    ·   Passes must be in good condition. Damaged (e.g. cracked, broken, or tampered with), lost, or stolen bus passes must be replaced.

    ·   Replacement bus passes cost $10, while the first bus pass is free.