Employee Policy and Procedure

  • Absence and Time & Attendance Reporting Policy and Procedure:

    All new employees will be sent information directly from Frontline for their account creation. It is the employee’s responsibility to create their account and utilize Frontline.  

    All employees must report their absences through Frontline Education Absence Management system (formerly AESOP) prior to the start time on the day of the absence. If the employee misses the cut-off time to report their absence, they must contact their site secretary and supervisor for assistance.


    • Frontline can be accessed via:
      • Internet – aesoponline.com
      • Phone – 1 (800) 942-3767
      • Mobile App – Free and available in both Apple and Google Play stores. Contact your sites IT Department for assistance with the district’s wifi connection.
    • No employee is exempt from using the Frontline system
    • Employees are required to enter all absences (including partial days) in Absence Management. The employee must contact his/her site secretary immediately if an absence cannot be entered.
    • If an Employee is out for more three (3) or more days sick, they are required to submit a doctor’s note upon return.  Absences must still be entered on Frontline for the days the Employee is absent.
    • If “School Business” is listed as the absence reason, then a note must be made as to the nature of the School Business.
    • All Classified employees are required to clock in and out daily. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. In addition to Absence Management, all classified employees are required to use Frontline Education Time and Attendance for employee attendance records. All Classified employees are required to clock in and out daily. Every employee is issued an employee ID which has a barcode for clocking in and out. Every site has a kiosk that employees use for clocking-in and out. It is the employee’s responsibility to clock-in and out properly. If there is an issue with the kiosk at you site, notify your site secretary immediately.

    If you have any questions on how to access Frontline Time & Attendance or Absence Management, there are multiple PDFs and videos on the district website at https://www.skusd.k12.ca.us/Page/606.

    Overtime, Compensatory, Supplemental and Extra Duty Pay:

    All overtime, compensatory, supplemental, and extra pay outside of the regular job assignment, must be preapproved by the site administrator and the district office. This applies to all staff including classified, certificated, confidential and administration.

    The reason for the approval requirement is twofold: first, we need to be able to budget for costs before they are incurred. By requiring prior approval through the district office, we will be able to ensure every cost is budgeted for. Second, the need for overtime, compensatory, supplemental and extra pay must be reasonable and unavoidable.

    Each request must be filled out on the district’s Overtime/Supplemental Authorization Form and submitted to the Payroll Technician in the payroll office for approval. Scanned copies are the preferred method of submission. If this form is not approved by the business office prior to the work being performed, it will be considered unauthorized, will not be paid and may result in disciplinary action.

    District Email Directive:

    All Southern Kern Unified School District employees are assigned a District email when they are hired permanently. Your district email account should be used for all school district related communications.

    The District regularly sends correspondence, newsletters and announcements electronically. It is your responsibility to periodically check your District email.

    Personal email accounts are not to be used for school related communications. In the event of an investigation or complaint, your personal email correspondence and activities can be legally subpoenaed and examined.

    Employees should not use their District email account for personal announcements or unrelated school business. The use of District technology is not private and the District has the right to monitor and inspect your computer/email usage.

    If you have not been assigned an email account or cannot access your email, kindly notify the Technology Department.

    Employee Trainings:

    By state and federal law there are many different mandated trainings for teachers and school employees. To satisfy these requirements, the district has partnered with California Schools Risk Management (CSRM) to provide employees with the best online training available thru VectorSolutions. Trainings include Child Abuse Mandated Reporter, Bloodborne Pathogens, Sexual Harassment as well as various other required trainings for your position.

    You will receive an email notification with instructions on how to authenticate your email and activate your account to ensure you will receive assignment notification via email. You will receive additional email notifications in the future anytime you have been assigned trainings. This email will be delivered by support@targetsolutions.com. If you do not complete your training by the due date, you will be notified that your mandated training is overdue.

    All employee’s will initially have their personal emails set used to set up their account. Once a District email has been established, your account will transition to the new email.


    Industrial Accident or Illness (Worker’s Compensation):

    Workplace safety is a primary concern for Southern Kern USD. In order to provide support and protections for employees, the district requires that employees follow the correct procedure in the event of an injury.

    If the employee is bleeding profusely, cannot breath, or is unconscious, dial 9-1-1 first, then contact a supervisor and the Business Department.

    If the employee’s injury is not severe enough to warrant an ambulance, the employee’s supervisor must be notified immediately, and the injured employee must fill out an Employee Statement of Occupational Injury or Illness form, and the employee’s supervisor must fill out a Supervisor Statement of Occupational Injury or Illness form. This paperwork must be sent immediately to the Accountant in the Business Department.

    If the employee’s injury requires medical attention, the employee must report to the Business Department immediately along with the above mentioned forms. The Business Department will coordinate with the district’s Worker’s Compensation TPA to ensure the employee receives prompt medical treatment.