The Vision of SKUSD

  • Vision Statement
    Southern Kern Unified School District will offer a quality education, by providing the basis for students to be moral, ethical, responsible, and compassionate people, becoming critical thinkers who seek knowledge and possess technological proficiency and collaborative skills. Our student will become self-motivated and involved citizens of the future.
    Mission Statement
    To provide our diverse student body with the best education possible and to instill in them a passion for life-long learning in partnership with our parents and our community.
    H.E.A.R.T.S.  Our Core Values
    Honesty: Operating with truth, fairness, and sincerity.

    Excellence: We will only accept the best in our pursuit of student achievement.

    Accountability: The fulfilling of our duty to all students in our community.

    Respect: Treating others with acceptance, compassion and dignity.

    Transparency: We are dedicated to open and honest communication as we make all decisions impacting our students decisions.

    Safety: Maintain a safe, secure and caring environment for students and staff.