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    "The Year of the Child"

    For computer/technology support contact: 

    Mike Shelman, Information System Technician




    Back To School Night will be this Thursday, September 2nd, starting at 5:30pm. We have been directed to hold Back To School Night virtually. Teachers will be sending out their links through Google Classroom and Blackboard emails. Each teacher will use their own link that will be the same for each of their classes. Each session will last 12 minutes. If you have any questions please respond to the email that accompanies this call or you may contact the TMS office.

    WE ARE BACK! Starting August 11th, all students will return to in-person learning. Student schedules are already posted on Aeries/Parent Portal. Schedules will also be passed out on the first day of school. School starts at 8:45am and students are admitted onto campus at 8:15am. Nutrition for students is either after 1st or 2nd period depending on their grade/teacher. Students must wear a mask while in classrooms. Students do not have to wear a mask while eating or while outdoors. Drinking fountains will be operational and students can bring water if they wish. The staff at Tropico is committed to help our students get back to normal while keeping them safe and helping to ensure their success. 

     CHANGE OF MINIMUM DAY RELEASE: Minimum day release has changed to 1:35pm. 

    If you have questions please contact the TMS office at 661-256-5040 or email TMS administration.

     Mr. Adams, Principal: nadams@skusd.k12.ca.us

     Mrs. Sloan, Assistant Principal: jsloan@skusd.k12.ca.us



    We would like to let you know that the After-School Program will be providing Homework Help on Mondays-Fridays from 1:00 pm-4:45 pm via Zoom.

    To sign up, please go to the SKUSD website. Under "Departments", click "Educational Services", then click "After School Program" and select "After School Program Application".

    Please print out the form and fill it out properly. You may drop it off at Tropico Middle School or to Educational Services at the District Office.


    We would like to inform you that the after school program will provide homework help Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm to 4:45 pm through Zoom.

    To register, visit the SKUSD website. Under "Departments", click on "Educational Services", then click on "After School Program" and select "Application for After School Program".

    Print the form and complete it correctly. You can drop it off at Tropico High School or at the District Office Educational Services.


  • Golden Bell

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year here at Tropico Middle School!  For those of you I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, my name is Nat Adams, I will be your principal.  I look forward to working with you this coming year and building on what is already a great school with an excellent faculty and staff. 
    We have many new faces, both students and staff. We also have a new format for this year. We will be full distance learning until told otherwise by Kern County Superintendent of Schools. I am confident that this will be an amazing year for all involved. I want to share with you all the expectations we have for students at TMS. We expect our students to be safe, respectful, responsible, successful, and to show integrity. We truly believe that all students can meet these expectations and that by doing so, will experience great success at TMS. 
    As demands and complexities of teaching children increase, it becomes more evident that we all need to work together to ensure that our children reach their highest potential.  I believe that all of us – the school and the community – must work together in an extended family environment to ensure success for all our students.  I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to empower children with the creative, intellectual, and decision-making skills necessary for them to become academically, socially, physically, and emotionally successful and responsible.
    All students will receive the school handbook within their planner. This handbook establishes the rules and expectations of behavior for the upcoming school year.  Take some time to review the material enclosed as a family, so that everyone becomes familiar with the content. I look forward to meeting and working with you all as we begin our journey together for the 2019-2020 school year.


    Geared Up

  • 2 Beasts

    2 Beasts by Jazmyne Perez


    Starry Night

    Starry Night, by Grace Rosales Vogenthaler