As principal of Alternative Education, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school. Alternative Education offers students a choice. For a number of reasons students and parents may choose a non-traditional setting for students. Our two programs address these needs.

    Rare Earth High School is the continuation high school for Southern Kern Unified School District. Students who are in grades 9 through 12 attend Rare Earth to earn credits for a high school diploma. Students are assigned to Rare Earth if they have fallen behind in credits and would not be able to graduate in a timely manner at the traditional high school. We also have students who are able to regain their credits and return to the high school to complete their graduation requirements. Students at REHS are given the opportunity to take elective courses at Rosamond High School. Students have taken courses such as welding, auto tech, construction trades, band, drama, photography, and art.  

    Abraham Lincoln Independent Study serves students in grades 5- 12. Our independent study program is designed for students whose families have chosen independent study rather than a traditional school setting. When a student chooses independent study, the student takes on more responsibility, needs to be self-directed and disciplined to complete all assignments and attend regular meetings with teachers. Parents need to make the commitment to become more involved than they may have found necessary in the traditional setting. High school students attending ALIS are given the opportunity to participate in sports at Rosamond High School if they meet all the necessary requirements. 

    We have a highly qualified staff at Alternative Education. The teachers have worked with students in the traditional classroom and then have made the move to Alternative Education. I am very proud of our staff and am always confident of their performance and know the results will benefit students. Rare Earth and Abraham Lincoln received accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in the spring of 2015. 

    We strive to offer inventive and relevant curriculum for our students. This year, we are very excited to announce that we will continue to use Acellus. Acellus is an A-G and NCAA qualified program. The students will have a larger number of options to recover their credits. Acellus also has additional CTE approved courses, such as AC/HVAC and agriculture to just name two. We have been approved to provide two intervention teachers at Abraham Lincoln to assist students who work at a quicker pace or are in need of additional support. Rare Earth has purchased new laptops and distributed to our students, Abraham Lincoln was able to purchase new computers through a grant and we have enough to assign to each student enrolled in our programs. Teachers are excited to learn the new programs and to offer the students this new means of earning credits. Acellus will be used full time at Rare Earth and is being incorporated into individualized student programs at Abraham Lincoln.

    Parent involvement is a vital key to Alternative Education. We encourage parents to monitor student progress regularly. We send out progress reports and report cards on the same schedule as the other school sites. Parents are welcome to set up appointments to meet with me and discuss the progress of the students.

    Abraham Lincoln is a choice, and students must attend their one-on-one sessions with the teacher and complete all assignments. Parents become the monitor and/or instructor more than when a child is at a traditional site. Your child's teacher will appreciate your assistance in managing the student's progress. This year we have continued an additional step in the transfer process. All interested parties must complete an Independent Study Request Form prior to transfer or enrollment.

    All of us working together have the same goal - providing an opportunity for each student to succeed and to complete the requirements for promotion and graduation. We welcome your suggestions and questions. Consider being a part of our School Site Council and English Learners Advisory Council in order to participate in the exciting changes and further development of our program.

    You may contact me or make an appointment by calling  661-256-5090.  I look forward to the 2022-2023 school year and working with the students, the staff and the parents of Alternative Education.

Alternative Education Graduation Ceremony 2019