SKUSD After School Program

    Westpark Elementary School: 661-256-5030
    Rosamond Elementary School: Tania Long 661-256-5050 ext 5008
    Tropico Middle School: Kristy Moore 661-256-5040 ext 229
    Southern Kern Unified School District
    After School Program (ASES)
    The After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program is the result of the 2002 voter approved initiative, Proposition 49. The ASES program is designed to provide safe and educationally enriching alternatives for children and youth during non-school hours. By working together, we can create a program that offers all students the opportunity to be successful.
    In order to register your child for the After School Program, you will need to complete an After School Program Enrollment Application, which can be obtained from your child's school office. You can also download a copy from our forms page. Once completed, return the application to your child's school office. 

    Our Mission

    Our After School Program implements genuine care, respect and courtesy for children, parents and each other. We offer a safe, welcoming, and innovative environment where children engage in learning opportunities that are intentionally connected to the school day curriculum. We offer key ingredients necessary to provide expanded learning opportunities that engage students and build the skills necessary to succeed in school. 

     Benefits of the Program

    Free Homework Help * Free Tutoring * Free Nutritional Dinner and Snack * Developing Social Skills * Our Staff is trained and CPR & First Aid Certified 

    Additional Classes

    We have added several new classes to the After School  Education and Safety Program (ASES) 
    Please call the Site Coordinator for information.
    Click HERE for Tropico Middle School Classes
    Click HERE for Rosamond Elementary School Classes 

    Welcome to the Program Kindergarten!!!

  • Schedule for Westpark Kindergartners

    1:25-1:45 Snack in the Cafeteria
    1:45-2:30 - Rest Time
    2:30-3:00 Recess/Outside Activity
    3:00-4:00 Centers
    4:00-4:30 Story Time/Review
    4:30-5:00 Dinner
    5:00-5:30 Sing and Dance
    5:30-6:00 Pick Up
                                                                                             Westpark students 1st- 5th grade 
                                                                                                   1:25-1:45pm Snack in the Cafeteria
                                                                                                1:45-1:55pm  restroom break
                                                                                                1:55-3:00pm Homework help
                                                                                                3:00pm-3:30pm Structured outside PE
                                                                                                3:30-4:30pm  Enrichment Activities
                                                                                                4:30-5:00pm  Dinner
                                                                                                5:00-5:30  Quiet Reading time
                                                                                                5:30-5:40 Clean up
                                                                                                5:0-6:00pm Games in the cafeteria
  • Schedule for Rosamond Elementary Kindergartners

    1:55-2:15 Snack in the Cafeteria
    2:15-3:00 - Rest Time
    3:00-3:30 Recess/Outside Activity
    3:30-4:30 Story Time/Centers
    4:00-4:45 Dinner
    4:45-5:30 Extra Curricular Enchrichment
    5:30-6:00 Pick Up
    RES 1st-5th grade students 
               1:55-2:15 Snack in the Cafeteria 
               2:15-2:25 restroom break    
               2:25-3:30 Homework                                    
               3:30-4:00  Structured outside PE   
               4:00-4:45 Dinner 
               4:45-5:30 Extra Curriculular enrichment   
               5:30-6:00 Pick up                                            
  • Dinner will be served at all Locations:

    Westpark - 4:30 pm
    Rosamond - 4:00 pm
    Tropico - 5:00 pm
    Please visit Food Services under the Departments Tab for all dinner menus 
    Transportation home will be offered only from Tropico Middle School. Student must have a valid bus pass to ride the bus home.