• Interdistrict Transfer Policies

    Southern Kern Unified School District will be accepting and processing interdistrict transfer requests on an ongoing basis.

    Criteria for Interdistrict transfers required by our district can be found on the Interdistrict Transfer Form and the IntraDistrict Transfer Form.

    If you are appealing a denial to our district's governing board, please speak to the Superintendent ASAP.

    Regarding inderdistrict transfer requests submitted for a subsequent school year, the district must make a final decision as soon as possible, but in no case, more than 14 calendar days after the first day of school for the year in which the transfer was requested (note: if the transfer request is not acted on within this timeline, it is deemed denied).

    Regarding interdistrict transfer requests submitted for the current school year, a final decision must be made no more than 30 calendar days following the receipt of the request by the district (note: if the transfer request is not acted on within this timeline, it is deemed denied).

    A denial of an interdistrict transfer request may be appealed to the County Board of Education within 30 calendar days of a final denial by a district and the parents must be so advised in writing by either regular (postal) mail, email or any other way normally used to communicate with parents in writing.

    The failure to meet any timeline established by the district is deemed an abandonment of the interdistrict transfer request.

    A student may provisionally attend the district to which he/she seeks to transfer so long as the receiving district agrees, the parent can provide reasonable evidence that a final decision is pending before either the sending or receiving school district or before the County Office of Education and the duration of provisional attendance has not exceeded two months.

    The circumstances in which an existing interdistrict transfer may be revoked or rescinded.


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