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    Our LCAP Goals
    Goal 1. Improve academic achievement for all students.
    Goal 2. Develop a healthy school climate that supports the social-emotional and physical needs of all students.
    Goal 3. Engage families and community in effective educational partnerships.

    LCAP Stakeholder Engagement Process

    The stakeholder engagement process is crucial to SKUSD’s annual implementation, monitoring, and revision of the LCAP. Stakeholders were engaged across a range of topics in a variety of contexts.

    The District conducted a number of surveys that informed the LCAP. These surveys included:
    California Healthy Kids Survey for grades 7, 9 and 11. 465 total respondents
    California School Staff Survey administered to 25 faculty and staff members at Rosamond High School
    LCAP parent survey. 413 respondents

    SKUSD collaborates with the Kern County Superintendent of Schools on a Continuous Improvement Process. This process consisted of writing a Problem of Practice for the District, then developing an action plan with initiatives. The action plan for next year focuses on implementing a district-wide Positive Behavior and Intervention (PBIS) program.

    The following LCAP Committee meetings were held:
    Feb 13 - Annual Update Goal 1
    Feb 27 - Annual Update Goal 1
    Mar 13 - Annual Update Goal 2
    Mar 27 - Annual Update Goal 2
    April 17 - Annual Update Goal 3
    May 1 - Goals, Actions and Services
    May 15 - Goals, Actions and Services
    May 29 - Review overall LCAP draft

    The following Board presentations were given:
    November 7 - Dashboard Local Performance Indicator report Board presentation
    March 20 - Progress Monitoring
    April 17 - Progress Monitoring
    May 1 - Continuous Support and Improvement Plan (CSI) for Abraham Lincoln. Report on Stakeholder Engagement process.
    May 29 - LCFF Budget Overview Board Presentation.
    June 12 - LCAP Draft Presentation to Board and public hearing. Solicit recommendations and comments from members of the public regarding the specific actions and expenditures proposed to be included in the LCAP.
    June 26 - Board Adoption of LCAP

    The following LCAP Community Forums were held:
    May 13 at 3:30 PM and 6:00 PM
    May 14 at 10:00 Am
    May 16 at 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM
    May 17 at 3:30 PM
    May 20 at 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM
    May 28 at 6:00 PM

    The Superintendent's Cabinet meets weekly. Part of the weekly meetings include reviewing the actions and annual measurable outcomes of the 2018-2019 LCAP. The Cabinet reviewed the recommendations of the LCAP Committee and integrated those recommendations into the LCAP.

    The district administrative team meets monthly. Part of the monthly meetings include reviewing the actions and annual measurable outcomes of the 2018-2019 LCAP.

    Each school site had a school site council that met at least eight times, including at least three meetings at each site that included an agenda item about the LCAP.

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